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No, at this moment in time Forest City Marijuana does not offer any delivery options. We are hoping to look into changing this soon!
No, we do not currently have a recycling program in place for any cannabis packaging that is returned or brought to our store locations. Many cannabis packages are made with materials that can be regularly recycled in your blue box! Just check the bottom of the container for the code within the recycling symbol.
Current AGCO and Health Canada legislation prevents us from selling clones. Alternatively we have an assortment of seeds available for purchase. This is currently the only legal way to purchase cannabis plants for cultivating.
Provincial legislation restricts the maximum amount of dried cannabis an adult, age 19 or older, may possess in public up to 30g or that equivalent in other forms (edibles, extracts, beverages, etc). Adults in Ontario may possess over 30 grams in a private residential dwelling.

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