Genius Pipe – Genius Pipe – Silver


The 8.25″ Genius Pipe, made of anodized aluminium, features a patented cooling “dimple technology” and an easy to clean magnetic 2-plate design.

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Product Information

This product is final sale. The Genius Pipe is made of scratch-free anodized aluminum and employs patented  “dimple technology,” which is used in cooling nuclear reactors, high-speed fans,  supersonic military jets and more. On the inside of each aluminum slide, 2,000 tiny dimples (not unlike the texture of a golf ball) cool the smoke and capture tar, oil and resin, working as a waterless filtration system. To use the Genius Pipe, just slip the two magnetic slides apart, sprinkle your dried flower cannabis in the built-in pipe screen and ignite it; to extinguish the flame, slide the aluminum cover over the bowl. This will not only contain the cannabis but also keep the pipe odour-free. The device’s simple two-plate design also makes cleaning much easier than a traditional pipe. This product is available in black or silver.Â

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